Game Developer, 3D CGI Artist, Product Prototyper, Engineer, Entrepreneur, Sculptor, Artist, Creative Technologist, Web Developer, Maker… I wear many titles but they all mean the same thing, I love to create and experiment. I’ve been programming since the Commodore days and sculpting since grade school. I’m willing to put in long hours, because I don’t feel what I do is work. I’m constantly learning and asking questions to expand my skillset, and I’ve found the best way to learn something is to just jump right in and do it.

Together, my life and work experiences have resulted in my acquiring a unique set of skills to take those ideas to fruition. From concept to design, 3D modelling, prototyping, designing and printing circuit boards, mold making and programming, I can do it all. This allows me to move very quickly from idea to prototype or finished product, whether it’s 1 item or 50. 

I’ve been building websites for over 2 decades, and have been in the advertising industry for over a decade now. I’ve gotten to work alongside talented people making great work for clients such as Google, Hershey, Nike, Converse, Bell, Coke, Audi, Mini, Budweiser, Stella Artois, Corona, VitaminWater, Powerade, Workopolis, Boston Pizza, Mackenzie Financial and many others. 

You might have seen some of my personal work as well, millions have. I’ve done gory SFX for small films and have shown my sculptures in galleries worldwide. My work has also been featured in museum displays, appeared in dozens of publications and books around the world, and TV special interest segments. See my CV for a full list of galleries and publications. 

If you’ve got an idea and need help making it happen, give me a shout.