Prop: Budweiser GhostFace


Zbrush, 3d printing, mold making, cold cast bronze 

Two props were required for this Budweiser shoot, with the first being the bird cuff. I’ve only recently started learning zbrush (I really wish I’d learned it years ago), so these were the third and fourth projects I’ve sculpted using it. With the cuff, the feathers needed to be exaggerated and thickened to be visible for the final 3d printed prop. Details that look good on screen often become lost once made physical if they’re too small. 

The second sculpt for this shoot was of Ghostface Killah (Wu-Tang), a bonus project added after the bird cuff was planned. It was assigned at 3 pm on a Wednesday and due that Friday end of day to ensure enough time to 3d print over the weekend (35 hour print). A little pressure for someone that hadn’t sculpted a human head in over a decade, but it turns out it was like riding a bike – it all came back. I’m looking forward to doing more sculpting again in the future – I’ve missed it. 

On Monday, after the 3d print was complete, I made a silicone mold, and cast about 9 duplicates of it. Some I spray painted in gold, and I also made 2 cold cast bronze versions (real bronze metal). I wasn’t sure which one would look best on camera – 3d printed, molded, gold, bronze, etc., so I just made variations to make sure I had all options covered. The shoot took place on Wednesday, so the entire project was one week from start to finish.